Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Out of Town

I was out of town for the big July 4th weekend, so that explains the lack of blogging. That and I have been really busy with work since I returned.

The business has left me with little to say now too, but I wanted to get a post in.

Something I have been thinking about recently- I am concerned about Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation. I was really hoping she would hold out for another few years, but I understand her decision.

Question for Rush Limbaugh- given the number of previously conservative Supreme Court Justices that have moderated or even gone liberal, how is Bush going to ensure that his new justice is conservative enough for you? I mean, some of the seemingly most conservative judges appointed by some of the most conservative Presidents have turned out to not be conservative enough. Maybe that says something about the real conservative nature of conservatism. Maybe they are just as activist as the liberals they hate.

The Exodus Blog recently linked to a study by Paul Cameron. Come on, have you no shame? This man has been proven to be dishonest and fraudulent. Why would Exodus want to associate with someone like that?

Ex-Gay Watch has a funny post about the growing numbers of ex-gays in the world. I had noticed the trend too. I'm not sure he hasn't used all three of these numbers throughout those years though.

Lastly, hi to Josh, who somehow found my blog. I'll add you to my blog list soon too.