Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ben's Back At it

Ben over at Scattered Words is back at it again. Now, I'd first like to point out that recently I have been impressed with his blog. The entries themselves have moved back to his own feelings, experiences, etc., and away from absurd stereotypes, and bickering with Ex-Gay Watch.

However, his latest string of comments with a new commenter is what caused me to write this entry.

This poster writes to tell Ben basically that he disagrees with his interpretation of scripture. Yes, the poster is telling Ben that he disagrees with his views. However, he does it in a pretty nice, understanding type of attitude. He never uses harsh words or calls names. He seems to be more pointing out how he sees the issue than telling Ben he is wrong. If you are going to disagree with someone, this is the way to do it. And, if someone were going to disagree with me, I think I'd want this guy to do it given his apparent compassion.

Now, obviously Ben is sick of people coming on his blog and giving the pro-gay side of the story. Fine enough, I guess, but I'm kind of surprised that he doesn't expect it. And, if he gets this riled up with someone that is so nice and calm, I'd hate to see how he gets when some more forceful commenters come to town.

Ben ends this exchange (for now) by outright telling this guy that he is wrong. He says 6 times, just to be sure, so I guess he means it. I've said this before about Ben, but I think homosexuality is not the only sinful nature he needs to work on. Sure, Ben may think this guy is wrong, and he may be wrong. But, is telling him 6 times really worth it? In fact, whenever anyone slightly disagrees with Ben, he is quick (really quick) to prove them wrong, at any expense. He even told this poster that he didn't care what Merriam Webster's dictionary said about the definition of orthodoxy (because Ben knew better). I guess the fact that the definition of some words change over centuries away from their latin/greek roots doesn't mean much.

To end this, Ben claims that this commenter is twisting scripture for his own gain. David Morrison, and lots of other people use the same argument. The tactic is simple- they're trying to make the person on the other side look like he is not Christian. Even more than that, they're trying to make them look anti-Christian. Twisting Scripture is a big statement. True or not, its a big statement. I'm not sure why Protestants allowing divorce and remarriage in almost any case is not twisting Scripture (to David's credit- he thinks it is). I'm not sure why the Pastor of my childhood church living in a $1 million + house and driving a Mercedes and giving both of his teenage daugthers brand new cars is not twisting scripture. The list could go on. I just have trouble believing while all of these other "disagreements" among Christians are disagreements, being gay is all about twisting Scripture.

Sure, gay Christians could be wrong. But, so could divorced Christians and many others. I personally think "Scripture twisting" happens a lot from anti-gay Christians and even many on the religious right. So, if we are going to use the term, let's at least use it with everyone.


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