Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Point of Order

As a point of order, I would like to announce that I am sick of pissing contests. Debate and dialogue are certainly welcome here. And, I will only delete comments that are just crazy and completely off topic (someone wrote in about some sort of alien religion coming to get us all earlier, and I deleted it).

However, in the blogs I read, often there is no debate, just pissing contests. I'd like to refrain from that here. I have my own toilet at home. This blog is not a competition nor a way to prove anyone's betterness than another. As I have seen, recently, there are lots of other blogs for that.


At 22/6/05 7:12 PM, Blogger Victor said...

Message received.


At 23/6/05 7:20 AM, Blogger Brady said...


While partially directed at you, it was also directed at me.

However, a spat on another blog led me to realize that this type of stuff usually goes in circles rather than resembling real debate.

I'd like things to resemble someone making a point and then have the conversation move forward intellectually, not just back and forth about who is more right.

You are welcome to stay, but you don't have to of course.


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