Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Moderates Have No Morals or Values

Or so said Rush Limbaugh on his show today. As a moderate myself, I take exception to this absurd statement. He added that liberals have values, they are just mostly directly opposed to those values on which our country was founded. I'm sure liberals would have something to say about that.

The irony here is that Rush Limbaugh would probably be considered a moderate by 1900's or even 1950's standards, so obviously this idea of "rock solid" values and morals that don't change doesn't really exist in the grand scheme of things. And, as much as Rush wants you to believe that everything is black and white, it pretty obviously isn't. He got mad because the DA where he lives was trying to charge him with the almost never used offense of Dr. shopping. But, his getting mad goes into the gray area. Black and white means he should have admitted he was wrong, taken his punishment (or fought it based solely on evidence, not the fact that few others are charged with this type of law), and been done with it.

As much as he hates Howard Dean, the two of them sure have a lot of stuff in common. Saying things just to get reactions being the main common trait.

I obviously disagree often with Rush. He almost never has guests on the show because, by his own claims, he makes the case for conservative and liberal better than anyone else could. Of course the first problem is the absurd conceit in that statement. But the second is that he doesn't make the liberal case well. He sets up straw men arguments and then hacks them down. Anyone that can't see straight through his tripe has got some issues of their own, whether conservative or liberal.


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