Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Aryan Brotherhood is Against Gay Marriage- Won't You Join Them?

This link from PinkDome exposes a threat by the Aryan Brotherhood towards Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis, made because Senator Ellis delayed the Constitutional Ammendment bill from Monday until Thursday to make sure the public had enough time to comment in the Senate on the issue.

From Ellis, "Issues like this stir the deepest passions in people and, unfortunately, there are some on the extreme fringes like the Aryan Brotherhood who feel emboldened and would rather bully than engage in the process. While everyone who favors HJR 6 is not a bigot, there clearly are those supporters who are and they are vocal. To them, I say this: I will not be bullied, threatened or intimidated, so stop trying."


Apparently the Senate announced the hearing of the bill on Saturday night, but the statements were going to start at 8:30am on Monday and last until 11am. Noting that the House hearing lasted 13 hours, Ellis thought it prudent to delay the hearing, and I agree. Announcing something on Saturday night to be discussed on Monday morning never happens, so why do it with a bill that would create a huge public turnout?

Check out the rest of the story at the link above.


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