Friday, April 22, 2005

Religious Right Focused on Gays

I was thinking back today about my post on whether the religious right really thinks about gays that much. Sometimes I think maybe since I am gay, I think about gays more than normal people do. You know what, I probably do.

But, no matter which way you want to pretend to slice it, the religious right think about gays a little bit too much too.

Completely on a whim, I went to Focus on the Family's online news broadcast (actually Randy was on there, and I wanted to listen to it, but I couldn't play it here at work). So, I went into the archives section and decided to look at the last 10 daily broadcasts (from 4/11-4/22). And, guess what I found. Every single day had at least one topic pertaining specifically to homosexauality, and 3 of the days talked about the issue in 2 separate sessions.

Man, for all of the people that tell me that most Christians just see homosexuality as one of the myriad sins out there, it sure does seem like there is a lot of focus on it. Just so I am clear- guess how many times they spoke about divorce- 0, drugs- 2, abortion- 5. I picked those issues because 1) divorce is comparable in my mind to homosexuality because it is a sexual sin according to the bible, but it is allowed by the right and 2) drugs and abortion are hot-button political issues, just like homosexuality. Oh yeah, the didn't mention alcoholism, crime, smoking or a whole host of others at all.

Check it out for yourself.


At 23/4/05 6:01 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Unfortunatly, your observation doesn't suprise me.

We "gays" have an agenda and it must be (according to the religious right) to convert their children to our unseemly way and dishonorable passions.

Make no mistake, they have an agenda and I don't care what anyone says... it's not of God. They may think it, and their hearts may (in some distorted way) be in the right place, but their judgment is flawed and is evidence of what Paul and Jesus teach against.

You have excellent points Brady and I'm in complete agreement.

At 25/4/05 7:45 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks for the kind words, Nick.


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