Monday, April 11, 2005

Texas Marriage Ammendment Moves on

The folks over at PinkDome have reported that Texas bill HJR 6 that will ammend the Texas Constitution has moved out of committee by a 6-1 vote. My own Rep., Martha Wong, who I voted for, voted in favor of the bill. This whole thing is bade news, if you ask me.

In Wong's defense, she did demand that the absurd language attempting to outlaw civil unions was taken out before voting in favor of the bill. I wonder if the creator of the extra language about civil unions realized how many "common law" straight marriage would have been broken up had that language passed. Talk about destroying families.

In the end, my whole opinion on the matter is that I'm willing to settle for civil unions. But, I am not willing to settle for Constitutional Ammendments outlawing any type of relationships, marriages or otherwise. If Wong really wanted to be on the right side of the issue in her own mind, she should have voted no on this bill unless it did specifically authorize civil unions. That way, she gets her marriage is for men and women only, but she also allows gays to have an specific contract for themselves.

Hopefully this will all get killed in the Texas House. We will see I guess. I just can't get over the idea that something has traditionally been unconstitutional, so instead of looking at that, we just cahnge the Constitution. For the first time since the stunning success of prohibition, we are changing Constitutions to take away rights for a specific group of people, for no good reason. Decades from now, I hope these people are embarassed for their actions.


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