Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Texas Ammendment HJR 6

I still haven't found out what happened with the HJR 6 committee vote. Burnt Orange Report and PinkDome did some commentary of the vote itself. Apparently it went on until 2:30am, with most people opposing the bill. For some reason, nothing is posted as to the result, and with all my searching, I could not find how things turned out. Hopefully someone will clue me in.

On a side note, PinkDome had some very humorous liveblogging posted on their site. At one point the writer *stopped the presses* (kind of) to annouce that "Some SERIOUS homo just walked in wearing silky shorts and a tank top." That quote made me really laugh. I could just picture the guy. Did someone not tell him to dress appropriately while giving testimony in the capitol? They also have some really good blogging about some of the more emotional testimony.


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