Monday, March 28, 2005

A Change- Some Personal Stuff

The first several entries have been political, religious, gay, etc. type posts. I think this is a good venue for me to get out my feelings on these types of issues. However, work has been pretty busy lately. and I haven't been able to keep up with the latest goings on recently.

So, in an effort to keep writing, I thought I would write a little bit about my life and the weekend. Don't get your hopes up, it is not going to get that personal.

This weekend I went to visit my parents out of town. My dad invited me to his house, but it was my little 9 year old sister's birthday and my dad invited me but not my boyfriend of 6 years. So, I went to my mom's house. It was fun. Low-key, but fun.

Sunday when we got back I went to a concert for my now second favorite band- Catch22. We got there early because I thought they were going to be on first, but they were actually on last, and only one of the opening bands was any good. Woops. They were good, but they have a bad habit of playing their older songs really fast. My new favorite band (Catch22 was my favorite band for quite a while) is a band called Streetlight Manifesto. It was started by the original lead singer of Catch22. He is amazingly talented. It blows my mind.

And now on a parting note- a thought about alleged "photographic memories." Does such a thing really exist? I think I have a pretty good memory, but I would never call it photographic. So, do photographic memories really exist, or are these people just people with really good memories and an ego problem?


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