Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blogs I read

In my first post I mentioned I would list some of the blogs that I read. I'll leave off the blogs of my real-life friends and keep it to ones that I have found in my web surfing.

Keep in mind that I don't know any of these people personally. These help me pass the time and keep me informed (to some minimal degree-- at the very least they keep my analytical skills fresh).

These are listed in no particular order. Actually, I'll put the ones I have already talked about first:

Ex-Gay Watch- Good discussion of the goings-on in ex-gay world, from a mostly critical perspective

Scattered Words- What once seemed to be a young guy dealing with being gay and the struggles that he faced has now turned into a more political type of thing. Unfortunately the blog now frustrates me more than anything. I think I said earlier that the author of this site has more to deal with than the "sin" of homosexuality.

Burnt Orange Report- Blog from my home state. Even though these guys are from UT (all of my family went to rival Texas A&M). This blog has a bit too much local and even school politics in it from me, but the writers are very knowledgeable and talented, and their national analysis is good (even if it is a bit too liberal for my tastes).

Randy Thomas- A pretty prominent figure for Exodus International. I greatly disagree with him on most political, and especially gay, issues. But, my interactions with him have been good. He seems to be a very nice, well-meaning guy. His blog is fairly interesting too.

Aaron- I am not even sure how I came across this blog. I think he commented somewhere else and I followed the link.

Boys Don't Cry- I got to this one from Aaron's blog. Not sure why I stopped, but his posts have made me laugh. I think I envy his being young and open about his sexuality. I never had that.

Sed Contra- Author David Morrison's blog. This is a celibate same sex attracted man that lives with his former gay partner. They are now both celibate, but still have a close relationship. I highly disagree with a lot of David's takes on gay issues, but the blog has a good stream of comments for discussion, and David is very open about his struggle with same sex attractions.

Nick- Struggling again with being gay, Nick is back and forth a lot, but I have always enjoyed his open heart and very friendly nature.

Ok, that is it for now. When work gets busy, I just realized that it may affect my posting. I don't like blogs that are never updated, though, so I will try to keep this one going as frequently as possible.


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