Monday, March 21, 2005

Before Bed, One more

So, one more post before I go to bed. Ben at Scattered Words has a bit to say about celibacy. It confused me, though.

In his post, he says, "True, there are some for whom God has chosen celibacy. But for those he's called, he's uniquely gifted them to handle that call (Romans 8). With that in mind, do I believe its reasonable to assume that celibacy is a good option for the homosexual seeking change? No."

Now, I would really like to know what he believes the option is for people that
try to change but cannot. While no studies show clearly what the success rates of ex-gay rates are, it is fair to say that thousands, if not tens of thousands of gays try to change, only to never experience the change they are striving for. Even Exodus claims (if you really look hard in their FAQ's) that the end goal is not change, but a closer relationship with God.

So, in this whole post, Ben says that celibacy is not the goal (and actually attacks Mike at Ex-gay Watch for saying it should be a goal), but he never really says where this leaves the many many gays that try to change through ex-gay therapy, that think being gay is sinful, but never change. So, where does this type of advice leave these folks? In gay limbo, I guess.


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