Monday, March 21, 2005

22 Year Old Resources- Would You Use One?

So, I was reading the Exodus Blog today, and I found a link to this dandy article
The opening line of the article is this "Webster's Ninth New Collegiate dictionary defines marriage as 'the mutual relation of husband and wife' and 'the institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of social and legal dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family.'"

So, I wanted to see if this was true, of course. And, I noticed that Webster's current college dictionary is on its 11th edition. Digging further, I found that the dictionary referenced in this article was published in 1983.

Are you kidding me? 1983? It always astounds me how often people on the "right" really have no qualms about bending the truth. The article made no mention of the age of the dictionary, and I would venture to guess most readers would assume, as I did, that this was a new publication. Shouldn't the author steer us right? Did the author really have to go back to a dictionary that old to prove his point? Why not at least be up front about it. I know if I used a source that old in a paper without pointing it out and giving a reason, I would have been panned for it.

Oh, on a side note, the Exodus Blog ( is a great source for links about how terrible gay people are. If you are looking for great info. to fill the stereotypes of gays, it is the place to go. I still can't figure out why they claim to love the sinner, hate the sin. Their blog sure does a good job of hating "gays" as a group. If you ever see a positive post there about well-adjusted gays, let me know. On that note, what is the point of the blog, if not to "enlighten" people to how terrible gays are?


At 23/3/05 7:34 AM, Anonymous Brett said...

If this guy used the same dictionary in its current online edition ( he'd find that it actually does recognize same sex relationships as "marriage."

Congrats on the new blog, Brady. Looking forward to reading more.

At 23/3/05 3:29 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks Brett!

Very good point. Actually, when I first read the article, I went to the online dictionary to see if same sex marriage was listed in the definition of marriage. I actually meant to write it on the blog, but it obviously slipped my mind.

Anyway, thanks for pointing that out. That helps explain why he had to use a 22 year old dictionary to prove his point.


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