Monday, April 04, 2005

Texas (Un)Constitutional Marriage Ammendment

The Texas legislature had a committe meeting to vote on the possibility to pass a Constitutional Ammendment to the Texas State Constitution to ban gay marriage. Of course, as with all other similar ammendments and laws, the anti-gay folks are claiming that this is meant to protect marriage. Apparently this is more effective than banning divorce (or at least banning no-fault divorce). This is a sad state of affairs we live in.
I wrote to my local Representative, Martha Wong, to ask her to vote against this in the committee. The local radio talk news is reporting that this is supposed to pass the committee vote pretty easily. Burnt Orange Report and other sites claim the hearing and vote will go well into the night (it is probably still going on now, for that matter).

I have previously written to President Bush, Kay Bailey Hutchison, First Lady Bush and probably a few others to express my discontent with this type of legislation. With all my heart, I feel that this type of thing is nothing more than a political power grab at the expense of ordinary people like me. I have heard people try to explain otherwise, but I have been less than convinced by their reasoning. I just hope that decades from now we look back and see all of the absurdity of this. I can't express how angry this makes me.

On the other hand, it has gotten me involved in politics, so maybe all of this does have a silver lining. I used to spend hours debating gay rights issues on various sites and blogs. I've cooled off some, but honestly I lose all respect for anyone that doesn't see the hypocrisy in all of this.


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