Friday, April 08, 2005

Marriage Ammendment Stalled (for now)

According to PinkDome, the proposed Texas Constitutional Ammendment HJR 6 stalled in committee. I was glad to finally find an update. Apparently it is likely to unstall and get a vote, but this is good news for now.

My Rep., Martha Wong, took issue (along with a few others) at the last minute addition of language that would outlaw any relationship that would approximate marriage. That's good news. If the conservatives want to say this is all about marriage, not about taking away rights, they should leave language like that out of this stuff. But, then again, honesty and integrity doesn't seem to be the main focus of these types of bills.

You know, Texas has Common Law Marriage from day one of a couple living as if they were married for straight couples. Talk about making a mochery of marriage. Shouldn't we focus on that first?


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