Thursday, April 07, 2005

Do Conservatives Really Care That Much About Gays?

The other day, Randy Thomas told me that, "in reality, conservatives think about [gay activists] very very little." I will admit that sometimes the gay media and some gay political groups make it look like conservatives are only out to get gays. But, to take the opposite road and say that conservatives spend very very little time thinking about gays activists also seems a bit much. To me, it is pretty apparent that conservatives do spend a good amount of times on gay issues. Maybe not activists per se, but the issue of homosexuality is certainly one of the more prominent ones.

So, I did my own little survey. On the post where Randy talked about how little time conservatives spend on gays, he also linked to a radio brodcast (I think, maybe it was just an online audio broadcast) of Focus on the Family (one of the nation's largets conservative groups) where he would be speaking about gays, strangely enough. So, I did a little survey myself of this audio broadcast by day. I went back for one week from Wed, 4/6 to Fri, 3/25 and counted the number of days in which homosexuality or gays was mentioned as a topic on any of the days. You can try the little experiment yourself here.

After the survey, guess what I found. Of the 8 days I looked at basically randomly, 4 of them mentioned homosexuality as a topic at least once and 4 of them did not. That doesn't really sound like "very very little" time to me.

As a little extra, I just went on the site to link it up, and today's topics list homosexuality twice as a point of discussion. Very, very little? I guess it depends on what the definition of "very very" is.


At 8/4/05 8:12 AM, Anonymous tristanrobin said...

I genuinely do not understand how these anti-gay hate initiatives can legally happen.

Isn't the entire foundation of America (as opposed to being man/woman marriage) the protection of the rights of the individual from the tyranny of the majority?

If these referendums are allowed to stand, what keeps Georgia or Mississippi from popular voting in slavery of blacks? Or Ohio or Pennsylvania from popular voting in the internment of Asians into camps?

Does anybody really believe that mob rule will stop with the gay population?

Don't people have to read "A Tale of Two Cities" in high school any longer????

At 8/4/05 8:25 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Hi Tristan,

Thanks for stopping by!

As for "A Tale of Two Cities," I have to say that I detested the book both times I had to read it. But, the lesson you point out is a good one.

It always strikes as odd that when we as a country say that something is unConstitutional, we generally refer to the rights of people being taken away. Unfortunately, the anti-gay groups have just decided that they can re-write the Constitution and make rights restrictions Constitutional. It doesn't make much sense to me.

In the end, I think it comes down to a case of the minority being "the other." Nearly every minority in this country has had to face some sort of oppression at one point in time. Gays are the easiest target to advance political motives, unfortunately.

At 8/4/05 8:39 AM, Anonymous TristanRobin said...

"Nearly every minority in this country has had to face some sort of oppression at one point in time. Gays are the easiest target to advance political motives, unfortunately."

you're absolutely right.
And - of course - every civil rights movement has experienced set-backs along the way. 'Lest we forget, women have the vote in America, LOL, but we STILL don't have an ERA!
The use of hate-mongering in politics is undeniable - Bush was elected (pretty much on his anti-gay stand) a mere 4+ months ago - and yet, the latest figures show his approval rating at 45%. People were more anti-gay than pro-Bush...and willing to elect a PRESIDENT for no reason other than he didn't like gays.
Now THAT'S scary.

At 8/4/05 9:30 AM, Blogger Randy said...

I actually said ...

"But I do think the gay activist community would have you think that all we think about is them. In reality conservatives think about them very very little."

I should have been clearer, they don't think about gay activism or what concerns gay activists very much. The issue... of course but it isn't the only issue like you seem to think.

I also see the gay activist community as self serving and not truly representative of the gay identified community at large.

At 8/4/05 9:47 AM, Blogger Brady said...

HI Randy,

Welcome. I actually didn't catch that you referred to gay activists rather than gays. My apologies, I will correct that.

The issue of homosexuality is certainly one that gets a lot of play, though. Although, I certainly do not think that it is the only issue they think about, just one of the more prominent ones.

As to the self serving aspect of many gay activist organizations, I can agree with that too a point. Sometimes "the issue" gets taken too far and represents a movement more than the individuals.

Then again, there are many "pro-family" organizations that I feel the same way about.


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