Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Brief Post To Nick

I'm leaving town tomorrow, and moving into the new house has made it harder to keep updating regularly, but as things go back to normal, I should be able to be on here more often.

Anyway, I would like to write a post here to Nick. Nick has posted on this site a time or two, and very early on I linked to his site in a post as one of the sites I read fairly regularly.

Anyway, Nick and I are in some way dealing with the same issue(s) in that we are both gay and are going through life trying to figure out how to deal with it. If you read both of our blogs, you will see that we have taken very different approaches to the issue.

I've decided that I am gay, and I am ok with that (and I think God is too). Nick has decided that in his heart, being gay is not right, and he has chosen to work to find another solution rather than just accepting the "gay" label and moving forward. While I don't think his personal decision is right for me, if it is right for him, I support that, and I admire his resolve and honesty. I especially admire the way he has truthfully and honestly handled his dilemmas without having to do so at the expense of other gays. He has decided that being gay is not where he wants to be in his life, but he realizes that being openly gay and pursuing happiness down that avenue is a path some have taken in their lives.

So, Nick linked to me on his blog, and I have done the same to his. I realize that our blogs are nearly polar opposite in what we talk about, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the link on his blog. I happily returned the favor.

Thanks Nick.


At 12/5/05 7:16 AM, Blogger Brett said...

Hey, Brady. This is a hopeful development. Read: FULL of hope. May you both be leaders to us all. :)


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