Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Daily Show and Paul Cameron

I don't watch the Daily Show that much, but when I do, I am almost always pleased. In fact, this time I didn't even watch the show--I just read the transcript.

I have some vested interest in this because it is on the subject of some insane legislators in my state passing a bill to ban gays from being foster parents. Not only are some of these people insane, but they actually lie and quote statistics without even trying to cite a source.

If this type of madness, dishonesty, vitriol isn't driven by hate, I don't know what is.

I encourage you to check out the unofficial transcript, commentary, and analysis of the quack Paul Cameron (who I have been setting people straight on for a few years now in various blogs, message boards, etc.), go to jabbs.

Let me be blunt. Paul Cameron is such a quack and lying cheat that anyone that would come near a study he has done has a clear agenda or a very poor fact-checking team. Probably the first.


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