Monday, May 23, 2005

Exodus Media Blog- I'm Disappointed

I'm disappointed in the Exodus Media Synopsis Blog. In reality, disappointed is too kind of a word. I have already stated that I think the blog's bias is ridiculous. My first post on the site described it as a great place to go to find out everything that is wrong with the gay world.

So, I admit I am starting out here with a bias. But, the other day I came upon a post entitled, "South Africa Rejects Same-Sex Marriage as Against the Bible." The short synopsis of the article said, on Tuesday the Constitutional Court of South Africa reversed the ruling of a Supreme Court of Appeal that legalized same-sex marriage. The Constitutional Court said that same-sex marriage is against the Bible and should not be allowed."

In reading the link, I was pretty shocked that this sort of thing had happened, and I hadn't heard about it. Even more shocked because South Africa is pretty well known for its anti-discrimination laws. So, I clicked on the article from Chritianity Today that the Exodus Blog was referencing.

The ACTUAL article's title is, "South Africa Court Hears Arguments to Reject Same-Sex Marriage." Sounds a bit different, doesn't it? But, when you read the article, it sounds A LOT different. A LOT. In fact, the article mentions Anglican Bishops in the country that released a statement saying that even if South Africa allowed same-sex unions, religious groups would not have to accept them.

So, I found it really odd that this link from Exodus had nothing to do with with the article they linked. And, I wrote an email to their contact address. I got a very nice response from the person there that put the posting up. She basically said that when she posted the article on the blog, the title and theme were just as posted by Exodus. However, when she googled the article after receiving my email, she was unable to find the original one she linked.

Ok, fair enough. All I would expect next was for her to take down the original blog or at least note that the story had changed. I mean, the original article and information provided is no where to be found now. And, the link on the Exodus Blog, now clearly misleads the reader (intentionally or not). I emailed this last week, and still nothing has been done.

I'm disappointed. For an organization so built on Christian foundations, I would expect a quick fixing of this link. A quick apology or delete and it would be taken care of. But now they have a post on their blog that says that "South Africa" rejects same-sex marriage because it is against the Bible when the real article, the actual story simply says that an appeal to the case was heard. And, ironically, enough, given the current court ruling, it would be more honest to say that "South Africa" says gay marriage is ok.

In the interest of honesty, I hope someone from Exodus reads this and updates this posting. Sadly, I feel that being anti-gay is more their goal than being pro-honesty, though.


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