Monday, June 20, 2005

Which is Worse?

Recently, a commenter named Timothy over at Ex-Gay Watch posed a question to ex-gay pastor D.L. Foster (if he is not ex-gay himself, he is in the industry) that I have frequently posed myself.

Here is the question:
Is it morally worse to:
a) live in the "homosexual lifestyle", or
b) tell half-truths, spread unconfirmed "facts", repeat stories you know not to be true, and even lie?

D.L.'s response was that both were morally repugnant in God's eyes. That answer, of course, is a cop out. Timothy rebuked Foster's brush off and followed up with a very on topic statement by saying:

"According to your above statement, God will judge you no less harshly for allowing lies, distortions, and half-truths to be spread than if you had stayed in the "homosexual lifestyle".
Just a little thought for you when it comes time to claim "gays die sooner", "gays want to destroy the fabric of America", or any of Paul Cameron's lies. You have an obligation to dispute the lies or suffer God's judgement."

D.L. and others work so hard trying to get people to turn around from the sin of homosexuality, but they just let lies and distortions fly about. Surely someone in the anti-gay right should have the moral fortitude to come forward and say, "you know what, I disagree with being gay, but I also will not stand by and let these lies, stereotypes, exaggerations, distortions, and false information about gays go forward.

I've said this so many times. If being gay is a sin, tell people it is a sin. Why make up (or allow others to get away with making up) false information to make gays seem like some sort of terrible plague?


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