Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rush Limbaugh calls for a Truce

Rush cleverly said on his radio show today that he was calling for a truce for Iraq. Then, of course, he clarified that he wasn't talking about a cease fire for our military, but for the anti-Iraqi war folks here in the U.S.

He listed out those that he was talking to/about. Democratic Senators, Weak-willed Republicans, The NYT, the Los Angeles Times, all of the media.

He then rather ironically said that he knew a truce wouldn't happen because "the left" hated Christians more than they hated terrorists.

I nearly choked. He calls for a truce from all democrats and liberals in the country (really from all non conservatives) and then closes this call for a truce with a chep shot at them? Maybe he should be a part of the truce too.


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