Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Real Pride

Aaron has a great post over at his blog that is getting really good comments. The premise is that gay pride is this weekend. That is great and all, but what REALLY makes you proud? You don't have to be gay to participate in this kind of pride.

Stephen has joined in too, and I like his answer (why didn't Aaron answer, I wonder).

Here is my comment at Aaron's blog:
When I finally came out to my mom, I was a mess. It was probably the first time I had cried in around 5 years. As I choked the words out, she said, "Oh
honey, I don't care about that. That doesn't change anything for me." I needed to hear those words, but I was so worked up I couldn't say much more, so we hung up the phone. Her call back to me (I did this on the phone since we live in different cities) was what really made it all better. She called 5 minutes after we hung up the phone just to make sure I was ok and to try to make me laugh.

Now, on the life-achievements side of things, I'm proud that after saving a lot since I started being part of the real world (and getting a good job) I was able to buy a new house at 25. I have been working for quite some time for that.

So, what are you proud of?


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