Friday, August 12, 2005

Janet Fogler is Against Homosexuality, But Lying's Ok

In a press release, author Janet Fogler issues some "I told you so's" to her Christian followers. The release is nothing more than a ploy to advertise her speaking engagements, nothing new there.

The problem is, Ms. Fogler appears to not be in a close relationship with the truth. The press release quotes Fogler as saying:

"Everything that I said would happen IS happening right now. Look at the headlines from the last several weeks:

'Allstate fires employee for sharing his faith & his views on homosexuality.... AT HOME';

'Methodist Pastor in Virginia is suspended from the pulpit for his views on homosexuality';

'Red Cross fires employee because he won't celebrate Gay Pride Month';

'Massachusetts Dad arrested for protesting the teaching of homosexual curriculum to his KINDERGARTEN son!'"

But, running a quick search on the Allstate story and most especially the Red Cross story shows that the "headlines" aren't real. Yes, I realize she is talking about real stories, but in her attempt to make things seem worse than they are, Ms. Fogler has found it appropriate to reword the headlines without saying she has done so. Surely no one was fired for refusing to celebrate Gay Pride Month, but Ms. Fogler doesn't seem to care.

So, what's worse, distorting the truth, or being gay?


At 14/8/05 7:15 PM, Blogger Stojef2005 said...

I may be spreading rumors, but I have a strong feeling that Janet Folger is an "ex"-gay. She's got this mannish quality to her, y'know?

To quote Shakespeare: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."


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