Friday, August 12, 2005

Exodus President Wins Award

Recently Charisma magazine named Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus as one of the top 30 emerging leaders in the American church. So, I suppose congratulations are in order. I'm sure he and his organization are both very proud.

In response to the award, Chambers said this, "It has been my privilege to be a part of the tremendous progress the evangelical church has made in demonstrating a more compassionate and truthful approach to those caught in homosexuality."

A nice sentiment, but I'm not sure I have felt the compassion from the evangelical church at large. Surely people like Chad Thompson, Randy Thomas, and maybe (maybe) even Alan Chambers have called for compassion to all gay people. But, Alan goes on to say what a pleasure it has been to work with James Dobson (yes, that Dr. Dobson). I'd hardly say he has been the new voice of compassion towards gays, but Alan Chambers has no qualms with Dobson's take on the issue. Plus, I don't think using recycled Paul Cameron statistics on the Exodus website is really doing much to treat gays more respectfully.

Maybe Alan and I have different opinions of what respect and compassion are. Or maybe he is just talking about respect and compassion for ex-gays. Actually, that's probably it. If anyone had used Dobson's words on gays and directed them towards Christians instead, I don't think Alan would be quite as friendly.

Maybe someone from Exodus could sit down and tell me how telling the world that gays are incapable of committed relationships, are drug users, abusers, etc. is really that compassionate. I'm always open for a letter.


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