Thursday, August 11, 2005

Anti-Bush Equals Anti-American

So, if I understand things correctly, criticizing President Bush is un-American. If that's true, why is it ok to criticize President Clinton? Rush Limbaugh has called him fat, referred to his Presidential Library as the Library and Massage Parlour and so on. Somehow I don't think this type of slander started since he left office.

I personally think we should give all of our Presidents the benefit of the doubt and try to refrain from ad hominem attacks like this. Maybe only moderates think that way though."

On a completely separate note, this picture from PinkDome made me laugh outloud this morning. I've never seen something so absurd. Something about their witty take on politics really gets to me.


At 28/8/05 4:03 AM, Anonymous steve bakatsas said...

apparently, no one has seen this website. George Bush is the most anti-American president I have ever witnessed in my life. We are hated all over the world and this guy is against the underdog (working Americans) more than any president. He is for big oil companies and big corporation tax havens. He is a big piece of shit!!


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