Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Christian Assasins? Yikes!

I'm sure you have all heard by now about Pat Robertson's call for the assasination of the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez. Utterly shocked is the best way I can sum up what I'm feeling at the moment. Let me first point out that, as much as we disagree with Chavez, and as much as he probably is not a good guy, he is the elected head of another country. Not a dictator- elected.

I mean, this guy is up for re-election next year. Wouldn't it have been a better idea (not to mention more moral and more legal) to just try to get him unelected? Pat really wants us to KILL someone when we haven't even tried to unseed him peacefully. What is this, the Crusades? Good Lord.

I would like to say that the local morning conservative talk show host that I listen to on my way to work, Pat Gray, was quick to speak out against this (although more than half of his callers defended Robertson). The White House and Dick Cheney were also quick to flee Robertson's side (they better look out though, apparently you don't want to make Pat mad. I mean, not only did he call for the assasination of a world leader, he also had his millions of followers pray for Supreme Court justices to retire from the court, and we all know what that means since most stay there until they get really sick or die).

While we are on that last link (here it is again if you missed it) listen to what he said back in 2003 about the Bush administration's call for the President of Liberia to step down, "We're undermining a Christian, Baptist president to bring in Muslim rebels to take over the country," said an outraged Robertson, a Bush supporter who has financial interests in Liberia. "How dare the president of the United States say to the duly elected president of another country, 'You've got to step down.'"

So, let's review. It is ok to call for the assasination of an elected President, but not ok for us to ask a President to step down? I'm sort of confused. Killing good; asking nicely, bad. Hmm.

Man oh man, what are we coming to? One question, how is this any better than the Muslim extremists calling for Bush's assasination? And this is not a hypothetical question.


At 24/8/05 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stojeff, can you update your profile? Love to know more about you.

At 24/8/05 4:12 PM, Blogger A Southern Africa Vacation said...

Just found your blog from a comment in Americablog. You are so dead on, it almost scares me. Keep up the good posts!

At 24/8/05 4:33 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks ASAV, much appreciated!

At 24/8/05 5:19 PM, Blogger Stojef2005 said...

My profile is updated.


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