Saturday, August 27, 2005

Lap Dances, Yea! Gay Marriage, Nay!

A new state law banning seminude lap dances at Missouri strip clubs was declared unconstitutional by a judge Friday, two days before it was to go into effect.

Apparently, two consenting adults who want to commit to one another pose a greater threat to the family than Candi and Tammee do. I'd be curious how the so-called groups who claim to protect the family will react to this ruling.

Will they claim the judge who made the ruling is an "activist judge", try to have him impeached and then try to get a state constitutional amendment banning lap dances in the State of Missouri?

Or, will they say nothing because a state constitutional amendment will interfere with an activity in which heterosexual males participate? Will a state constitutional amendment be viewed as yet another "liberty" taken away from patriotic, God-fearing, gun-toting, freedom-loving, yellow ribbon magnet-sticking Americans? After all, "Thar ain't nuttin in that consatu- connytu- constratu - aw hell, y'all know wut ah mean - thet says I caint go see them women dancin' nekked! Everbody knowed that dancin' been around since Biblical tahmes! Heck, based on that thar Intel'gint Dee-sign, that's almost 6000 years! Why, I'd bet me that thar was even dancers at that las' supper thang Jesus done."


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