Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Letter from a Pastor

As you have probably noticed, blogging has come to a basic standstill here these days. Work has been more busy than ever before (no exaggeration), and with my new roommate at home and a laptop that's given up on me, really haven't had much time to be online. I'll try my best to keep updating.

For now, just a short post about a letter I just read, compliments of Box Turtle Bulletin. As you probably heard, the Lutheran Church agreed by a 2/3's majority to ordain gay clergy and to allow (but not force) gay marriages. It's an amazing step, especially given the size of those in favor of the move. They acknowledged that not all members would agree with the move, but also acknowledged that it was the right thing to do.

Anyway, the letter is from a Lutheran Pastor in rural Texas--one of the last places I'd think to find someone in favor of gay marriage. It's a non-confrontational letter that tries to let its readers get an understanding of all of this in a more general context, rather than just hammering home the "Gays Go To Hell" meme. Give it a read.


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