Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama's No Friend of the Gays

Or at least that's what just about every gay blog I've been reading (and Rush Limbaugh too!) has to say about it. I've got to admit that things aren't looking so hot from where I stand.

You might remember that I said when I saw Obama speak in Houston that I had this concern that he was speaking like the high school class president candidate and promising no school on Fridays--a lot of hope-filled promises without a whole lot of plans. Let's hope that's not where this thing continues to go.

On a departing note, I have a question: What's worse, an job interview where the candidate has a gold tooth or one where the candidate is missing a tooth?


At 19/6/09 7:20 PM, Anonymous Matty V said...

There's a reason I didn't vote for Obama...

also, gold tooth > no tooth

you're welcome

At 22/6/09 9:42 PM, Blogger Pomoprophet said...

It is any surprise he's not followed through on promises? Hence the reason to vote Libertarian ;) The parties official platform is to support gay marriage

At 24/6/09 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh...i guess it would depend on why they had no tooth. but as a general rule, i think gold tooth trumps no tooth. Call it the Mike Tyson factor.


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