Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Gay American Idol

I didn't vote for Adam Lambert to win American Idol. In fairness, I didn't vote for Kris Allen either, but had I voted, I definitely would have voted for Kris. He's too adorable not to vote for! Well, that and I really can't see myself buying a cd of Adam Lambert's shrieking, but I could definitely see myself buying something of Kris', especially if it is a lot of acoustic stuff.

But, does my support for Kris and lack of enthusiasm for Adam make me a gay traitor? Am I a bad gay that just handed the far right the ammunition they needed? I doubt it, but some people really seem to think so. In all honesty, while Adam surely is the better performer of the two, Kris earned his win, and I liked his stuff better. I just can't get behind the "America still hates" gays whining.

Sorry guys. Hopefully I can keep my gay card (if I ever even had one to begin with, that is).


At 21/5/09 6:43 PM, Blogger otrolado said...

Hahaha. People are up in arms over this! It's insane.

At 22/5/09 9:52 PM, Anonymous Matty V said...

I also loved Kris and grew tired of Adam's screeching.

I couldn't listen to an album of Adam's. But I would love to listen to Kris's album.

I was a fan of Kris and Adam at the beginning. To me, Kris brought something new each week. With Adam, it was the same shit, different song every week. It was like Blake Lewis with the beatboxing. I got tired of it.

Being gay doesn't mean having to support gays over straight people.

At 25/5/09 8:29 PM, Anonymous Jarred said...

No. Hand over your gay card immediately. ;)

Actually, I don't watch Idol. I have no opinion on the subject. In fact, I'm downright apathetic about the whole thing. Except that I'm concerned that people actually care whether Lambert's sexual orientation played a factor in his coming in second. (And come on, coming in second is a pretty impressive accomplishment in its own right.)

The whole thing strikes me as more of the desperate desire to make sure that everyone likes us, which is a mentality I find disturbing. As someone who drove himself to within spitting distance of destruction due to an over-active desire to be please and be liked by everyone, I've learned that some people just aren't going to like us. And I'm not sure that getting everyone -- or even a majority of people -- to like us is either healthy or desirable. I'd rather focus on legal protections and civil equality instead.


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