Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself

It's like I wrote this myself:

To those on the political and religious right who are intent on continuing the battle to preserve “traditional marriage” in a nation that is rapidly discarding its traditions, I would ask this question: What poses a greater threat to our remaining moral underpinnings? Is it two homosexuals living together, or is it the number of heterosexuals who are divorcing and the increasing number of children born to unmarried women, now at nearly 40 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

Most of those who are disturbed about same-sex marriage are not as exercised about preserving heterosexual marriage. That’s because it doesn’t raise money and won’t get them on TV. Some preachers would rather demonize gays than oppose heterosexuals who violate their vows by divorcing, often causing harm to their children. That’s because so many in their congregations have been divorced and preaching against divorce might cause some to leave and take their contributions with them.

Except I didn't. A politically conservative Christian writer that is adamantly against gay marriage did.

I've been pounding out this same message for years, and nearly every time I do, I get accused of trying to change the subject. The problem is, I'm not trying to change the subject. I'm trying to point out the hypocrisy of all of this.

When anti-gay folks tell me they just don't agree with my lifestyle because they want to do God's will or follow the Bible, they're not being genuine. Don't get me wrong...some of them may not even realize that they are giving a pass on all that God and Bible stuff to themselves and about 50% of the once-married population, but it's about time people actually get this stuff pointed out to them. I'm glad to see someone on their side do it, even if the rest of the article wasn't quite so agreeable.

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At 8/4/09 2:22 PM, Blogger That Guy said...

good stuff

At 9/4/09 7:10 PM, Anonymous Matty V said...

While I agree with that sentiment, I don't think the true issue is about preserving traditional marriage.

The real issue is about "normalizing" gays and lesbians. The right wing's talking points about protecting traditional marriage is just a front. By talking about preserving traditional marriage, they don't have to say "We hate gay people." Framing it in those terms allows them to say "We aren't homophobic."

When they talk about same-sex marriage, they talk about what kids will learn. They are concerned that their kids will learn that it is okay to be gay.

They are in no way concerned with divorce or preserving the sanctity of marriage. Their primary concern is with ensuring that gay relationships or gay people are never validated by the government.

This is also apparent in their opposition to anti-discrimination laws. They don't want the government to recognize the rights of those that they deem immoral. It's not about maintaining anything. It's purely about exclusion.

Their claims of "preserving" or "protecting" are simply lies. Pointing out the hypocrisy of their talking points has no effect on them because they have no interest in maintaining the sanctity of marriage.

Their sole interest is in the subordination of gays and lesbians.

At 14/4/09 2:13 PM, Blogger Jeve said...

Totally agree. What do 2 gay people getting married have to do with anti-gay activists personally anyways? The persecution is hate. Why not learn to love?

At 14/4/09 2:18 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Hey Matty. So, I've been thinking of your response, and I agree with you on a national movement level. The people calling the shots at the AFA, the "NOM" (if that's not a pretend organization, I don't know what is), FotF and others don't care so much about this "institution of marriage" idea as they do about normalizing gays. That's why they fight even the simplest and most harmless things like anti-bullying efforts and so forth.

However, on a more poersonal level, unfortunately, these larger organizations have managed to trick the individual folks into believing it is all about marriage. Look at the newest hit piece from the NOM. Not only are gays like us attacking marriage, but we're also taking away their rights too! The problem is, unsuspecting fairly well-meaning people out there that just want to live in a nice place fall for these half-truths. So for a lot of them, it's not about normalizing gays--some of them even have gay friends and family members--it is actually about marriage. The only problem is that they think they are fighting to protect marriage and don't realize they're doing nothing of the sort.

At 14/4/09 7:28 PM, Anonymous Matty V said...

That's a very good point.

Also, I like it when you think of me. ;) haha

I hope to be in Houston again soon!


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