Monday, January 26, 2009

Harvey Milk Photo Montage

A blog I read from time to time, East Village Boys, has a montage of photographs by Dan Nicoletta, a photographer, political activist, and friend of Harvey Milk. The photos cover some of Milk's life and the environment of the San Francisco Castro district in the 1970's (note: this particular post is G-rated, but many of EVB's posts contain adult content).

The movie Milk moved me more than I've been moved in a long time, but it wasn't Harvey Milk's death that got to me--it was watching so many people getting together for a cause they were so passionate about. I saw the movie the week after the Prop. 8 fiasco, so the scenes in the movie struck a specific chord at the time. The pictures over at EVB show how real the environment the movie portrays really was. I can't imagine how both empowering and frightening that time period must have been back then.

Check out the post, and if you haven't see Milk.


At 26/1/09 1:58 PM, Blogger Jack said...

I really want Sean Penn to win at the Oscars. He just exuded a happiness and warmth I haven't seen in his other movies (except maybe in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, lol).

At 27/1/09 9:50 AM, Anonymous Matty V said...


Milk is gonna be back at the Castro Theater next month in the weeks leading up to the Oscars so I hope to go see it there this time.

At 31/1/09 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the link. Wonderful to see so many photos from a person who lived it.

At 1/2/09 3:24 PM, Blogger ArmoredCity said...

Those photos are really cool - although I can't say I miss all the moustaches. :{ hehe

I want to see MILK again b/c I saw it with my aunt and I was planning on coming out to her afterwards, using the movie as a springboard. It went really well, but the whole time I was watching it I had my mind half-elsewhere. And still, I realized that it was a great movie.


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