Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Used to Hate Being Gay--Comments Revisited

Hey guys. Sorry for the super long delay in updating in 2009. Work has been really busy lately (that's a whole other frustrating story), and I find when I get home, I've not really wanted to get on the computer much, which means less reading about things (and coming up with things to write about), and, of course, less time to update this blog in general.

Anyway, I wrote a post a couple of years ago called "I Used to Hate Being Gay," that has had quite a few comments since it went up back then (you can see the link in my "Greatest Hits" section on the side). Apparently if you Google "I hate being gay" it's one of the entries that comes up, so I've attracted some new readers that have just kind of stumbled over here.

As you guys probably realize, I get an email update every time someone comments on this little blog of mine, so I've been following the sporadic comments on the post, and I've been thoroughly enjoying hearing other people's experiences, both good and bad. Well, "enjoying" is probably not the best word, but the conversation has been interesting, sad, moving, and exciting all at the same time. What just occurred to me, though, is that most of you guys might not have seen the comments or the ongoing discussion, so I thought I'd point you in that direction.

The comments people have left are definitely worth reading. It's a mixture of both pre and post coming out stories along with people's feelings about struggling with being gay. Please feel free to stop by and check out the conversation, and if you are so inclined, feel free chime in with your own experiences.

So, see you there?? Until then...