Monday, January 26, 2009

Harvey Milk Photo Montage

A blog I read from time to time, East Village Boys, has a montage of photographs by Dan Nicoletta, a photographer, political activist, and friend of Harvey Milk. The photos cover some of Milk's life and the environment of the San Francisco Castro district in the 1970's (note: this particular post is G-rated, but many of EVB's posts contain adult content).

The movie Milk moved me more than I've been moved in a long time, but it wasn't Harvey Milk's death that got to me--it was watching so many people getting together for a cause they were so passionate about. I saw the movie the week after the Prop. 8 fiasco, so the scenes in the movie struck a specific chord at the time. The pictures over at EVB show how real the environment the movie portrays really was. I can't imagine how both empowering and frightening that time period must have been back then.

Check out the post, and if you haven't see Milk.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where Did the Year Go?

Well, I'm back. And, I'm really wondering why none of my devoted readers were worried if I was ok. Come on guys, I could have died or something!

Anyway, this post is going to be kind of short. I really just wanted to check in. Here are some things that I've done since I've been gone:
  • Went to visit J's family for Christmas in West Texas.
  • Went on a cruise with my dad's side of the family over New Years and proved ourselves to be the most obnoxious family on the cruise. It was really fun.
  • Decided not go on a New Year's cruise in the future. As fun as it was, it wasn't worth the craziness with the holidays.
  • Got a new roommate. Our dog Parker got a new roommate too. We're still dealing with that. Two puppies, no yard, yikes!
  • Watched an episode of Law and Order that had heavy references to my old friend Paul Cameron.
  • My online presence over the last 2 weeks has been less than it has been in years. This is still a result of being out of town so long over the holidays, oh, and the new dog.
  • Have not started working out with P90X again. We're shooting for Saturday. Surely I can get willpower for 90 days. I mean, it's just 90 days.

Ok, I'll leave it at that for now. But, before I go, I'd like to list some of my pet peeves. I don't talk about work much, but basically I interview people all day long. I love it and hate it all at the same time. Here are some of the things I hate:

  • When I go up to meet a candidate and they give me a blank stare. Who were they expecting?
  • When someone shows up late, even just by one minute.
  • When someone doesn't apologize for being late (this is way too common).
  • When someone shows up more than 15 minutes early. Wait in your car, please.
  • When people seem to think they are too good for our position. If that's the case, fine, just keep it to yourself.

That's it for my update full of lists. I'll be back to regular scheduled updates now (hopefully).