Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boycott Houston! (Ok, Really, Don't)

A new website is all the rage among my facebook friends called Boycott Houston. Conservative Christians calling on others to boycott things isn't anything new, and luckily, I don't really think they've ever been successful. I don't expect this to be any different.

A man by the name of David Grisham has launched a pretty impressive website asking people to boycott the city of Houston. He gives two main reasons. The first you can probably guess: the election of Annise Parker (a lesbian). The second is because Houston is in the process of building a very large Planned Parenthood facility, which is kind of strange to me. Is he planning on boycotting every city and town that has an abortion facility in the country?

As of this blog posting, only 38 people have signed his petition to boycott the city, one of which is him, and several give only a first name or no name at all. So luckily it looks like most people are seeing this guy as the quack he actually is. For even more proof, though, you definitely should read the "What You Can Do!" section of the site (and feel free to check out his first endeavor into city anger, Check out the comments section too. Right now it's all supporters, one of whom predicts that the city will be "swallowed up."

Strangely enough, in the mission statement of the site he says that, "If everyone who calls on the name of Christ had written letters or made phone calls to the city authorities, voicing their strong objections to an abortion supercenter being opened, it would never have happened." I wonder if he knows that the "super center" (which is a talking point right out of the AFA playbook) hasn't actually opened yet. He doesn't appear to be from Houston, so maybe not.

I'm not too concerned about this boycott. The 38 petition signatures are more humorous than anything else. I just wonder how much time this Pastor has spent boycotting cities who have divorced mayors. Or maybe he boycotted Ronald Reagan for being divorced and remarried. Maybe I'll send him a letter...he really should know about these other "abominations."


At 21/1/10 10:40 AM, Anonymous Jarred said...

This suggestion underscores the silliness:

If you drive through Houston, do not buy fuel, food, or stay in a hotel there. Spend your money in one of Houston’s outlying suburbs.

The economies of any large city and those of its suburbs are usually so intertwined and interdependent that money any spent in any suburb is going to eventually flow through the city and vice versa.

To some extent, that's the entire problem of "boycotting" a city in general. It's simply not realistic. Your money is going to end up going there one way or another. Even if you don't directly spend any money there, someone you do business (or someone who does business with someone that you do business with) will.

Personally, I'm glad for that fact. I'd hate to think I have to fly clear to Houston for my next vacation just to avoid participating in this silly boycott. ;)


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