Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Apparently Liars Can Win--Just Ask Maine

It's the day after election day and a year after the Prop. 8 fiasco in California. And what do we have to show for it? Another loss for marriage equality.

It's amazing to me that we lost again. I'm not quite as devastated as I was last year with Prop. 8, but maybe that's just because I prepared myself for this possibility this time. That's not a good thing, though.

So, we lost again, and to liars no less. Blatant liars. I'm not really sure how it's legal to run a campagin based on lies. After it was all said and done, they still got their untrue message out, and the average person didn't realize they were being lied to. I guess they think God will be proud of them. They may have lied, but at least the gays didn't win.

The good news is that we won in Washington and Kalamazoo. Those aren't exactly the same significance as Maine, but at least they're something. Now we just have to figure out how to let everyone else know that lying isn't something we are going to stand for. I'd assume that's part of everyone's value system.


At 4/11/09 7:35 AM, Blogger David said...

As a resident of Washington, let me just push back on that notion that Washington isn't "exactly the same significance as Maine." Gay people in Maine still have the same state benefits as their straight counterparts, it's just not called marriage. In Washington, the question was over whether gay people would even get that. Gays and lesbians in Washington had their "everything-but-the-word" rights up for vote, which they retained. Yes, it's still separate but equal, but the passing of referendum 71 means that gays are at least equal - or as equal as they can get without the name "marriage" - in the state's eyes. Maine LGBT people still have robust domestic partnership benefits without the term marriage. Not that Maine was unimportant, but Washington was just as important of a vote.

At 4/11/09 12:42 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Hey David. Good to see you. I'll concede that point. Perhaps I have been giving too much significance to the word "marriage" in all of this.

Actually I think that is where my frustration lies--that every time we try to take this to the next level, it gets taken away.


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