Friday, October 02, 2009

Texas Judge Agrees to Divorce Two Men

A state district judge in Dallas agreed to divorce two men that were married in another state and went on to say that the Texas ban on gay marriage violates the US Constitution. Sure the judge in the case is a Democrat (can you imagine if this came from a Republican), but this is Texas, so it's a big step either way, and I'm glad to see her take such a stand, even if it's likely to be overturned on appeal.

Oh, and before anyone goes on whining about "activist judges," and "unelected officials" let's remember that we elect judges here in Texas, we don't appoint them.

I guess all those voters are glad they voted to change the Texas Constitution to outlaw gay marriage. Because of that move, this court ruling isn't really going to go anywhere. Unless, I suppose, this were to make it's way up to the US Supreme Court. Unlikely, but hey, we were the state involved in getting rid of those pesky anti-sodomy laws for good, so you never know.


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