Monday, April 02, 2007

F*g Ahead

Please pardon the language of this title and of the attached pictures, but I couldn't really think of any other way to write this post.

My friend and commenter on this blog, Shorty, and his partner, showed me two pictures they had taken with their digital cameras while driving down the street near their house last week. As you can see, the pictures are of a construction sign that someone has altered to say, "F*g Ahead" rather than, "Flagger Ahead." There isn't much space for the "L" in the word, so I'm not completely sure how the person responsible did this. Shorty and his partner said they couldn't really see where the sign was altered in person either.

The source of these pictures is trustworthy, and I can promise that these were really taken on the street and have not been altered in Photoshop in any way. This sign was really sitting like this in the street in one of Houston's most prominent gay neighborhood, near a small construction area. However, what I don't know is whether this was a case homophobia or an extremely inappropriate joke. Either way, I can't believe it was even up long enough for Shorty and his partner to take this picture.

I can't say that the sign really upset me at all. It might have a few years ago, but typically dumb things like this don't affect me anymore, thankfully. I really don't have anything else to say about this. Any thoughts?


At 3/4/07 7:58 AM, Anonymous Sparky said...

Since it's in such a gay neighborhood here, my inclination is that a crafty gay got all glue gun and made a sign into something funny. I doubt anyone would have put that up maliciously. Again, maybe I get too complacent.

At 3/4/07 6:49 PM, Blogger Brady said...

I'm not sold one way or the other, Sparky, but that is certainly in the realm of possibilities

At 5/4/07 3:49 PM, Blogger grace said... far as i'm concerned...i'd know that up ahead i'd be coming across some really great folks and that the IQ level of the area will rise significantly as i journey forward....if we're going by stereotypes here...i'm thinking the gay neighborhood is going to be better groomed, more "affluent" looking...hopefully i can rest assured in purchasing there that my neighbors won't be the sorts to put an old car up on cinder blocks....i could go on and on...but i won't, because i really am NOT trying to make a mockery out of it....

it represents either humor on the part of the gays (which could be funny) or absolute IGNORANCE on the part of anyone else....


At 6/4/07 6:45 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Grace, lol, good points. Although, while I see the humor in it from a gay person, I'd still rather not see it up, even if the point was to be funny. I don't think the public street is a place for it, you know?


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