Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tim Hardaway Hates Gay People

Former basketball star Tim Hardaway hates gays--he said so in a recent radio interview while discussing John Amaechi's coming out.

I guess I won't be hanging out with him anytime soon, since I happen to love gays. That, and I can only think that someone that would claim to hate an entire group of people must live a very sad life. No matter what you think about homosexuality, hating an entire group of people can never be a good thing. I wonder where such anger even comes from. I just wish he had someone in his life to show him how wrong he is.

I heard about this story this morning on a local radio talk show on my way to work. The moderate-but-right-leaning Republican host didn't do anything to stick up for gay folks, but he did a great job of calling out his callers for their bias. Basically, they nearly all supported Hardaway's comments, but when pressed, they all admitted they would not have been so pleased had he publicly said he hated some other groups like Christians, African Americans, handicapped people, divorcees, etc. In their minds, it's ok to hate people, as wrong as you are hating the right kind of people.

Who was it that said it was easy being gay again?


At 15/2/07 6:54 PM, Blogger grace said...

Saying "i hate gays" or "i hate women" or "i hate bowlers" or "i hate asians" or "i hate artists"'s all about hating PEOPLE isn't it???? There's no room for HATE of any peice or part of matter what your personal preference or "ick" factor may be about what goes on with them.

As a teacher...1st graders were the WORST about picking and eating their own boogers....and even though that one behavior was really disgusting to me...i still LOVED (and do) 1st graders!

I hope none of that is offensive to you as a gay man, Brady. You know I love you!


At 15/2/07 10:12 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Pam- now that's an analogy I haven't heard before, but it's great!

You're right, in the end, it's all about hating people, now if only hardaway would realize that he's talking about people, not just some impersonal group, we'd be in good shape.

At 17/2/07 12:18 AM, Blogger Pomoprophet said...

I heard the interview on conservative talk radio too. I think I more just feel bad for Tim Hardaway. Just like I feel bad for the idiot infront of me at the resturant to errupts on the waitress over his food not being perfect. I'm left wondering "what happened in these people's lives to make them so angry/miserable?"

I don't fear Hardaway. He's clearly a biggot. I dont think that makes it "hard" being gay either. More people hate me for being a white conservative Christian :)

Like Grace, i'm a teacher. Only I teach high schoolers. Just today while I was in the weight room with some of the guys im closest to, the topic of homosexuality came up. They were repulsed. And said they think its disugusting and that gay people can't be Christians. I kindly disagreed. But it just made me sad. That we can't all love as we are supposed to...

At 21/2/07 12:51 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Pomo- I just wrote a long response that got deleted. Uh oh. Here's the quick one...

I agree, sadness is the right reaction for anyone in those examples.

Hardaway's statement alone doesn't make it hard to be gay, but the support he got from so many people show that it's not as easy being gay as some anti-gay folks like Focus and Exodus would have us believe. They make it sound like society tells all gays to just be gay and love life when really you can see from your HS students' reactions and the support Hardaway got from some media and nearly every caller I heard call into the show that it's not really all that accepted to be gay still. Here's an example of how supported Hardaway was by some:

As for the Conservative white male Christian idea. I will give you that there are going to be some bigots based on your beliefs and culture, etc. And, I'll agree that its ok in many circles to make jokes against that grouop and not ok with others.

But, white male conservatives are still the majority power holders in this country, so I still find it hard to say it's harder being part of a group that is holding the majority of power in this country than it is being part of a group that is a tiny minority.


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