Tuesday, February 27, 2007

APA Will Review Reparative Therapy

I just read over at Queerty that the American Psychological Association has announced that it plans to launch a five-person panel to examine the effects of reparative therapy on clients. Although they haven't picked the panel, Queerty claims they might be considering having at least one successful ex-gay among the group (although I've yet to substantiate that rumor).

I think this is a great step forward. Ex-gay groups have been touting the success of reparative therapy for years. They've also been downplaying the claims of negative consequences reparative therapy might have, but they haven't been doing their own research or follow-up studies. If reparative therapy is so successful and safe, wouldn't they want to have thesee methods researched and studied? And, if everything is on the up and up, wouldn't ex-gay groups love to have the APA actually support their therapy as a legitimate answer to same sex attraction? Think of the success they could have in a secular group like the APA endorsed them outright.

Unfortunately Dr. Warren Throckmorton disagrees with me, and is worried that the panel might be a negative influence for those seeking reparative therapy. In an article with the Christian Post, he says that people with same sex attraction should have the right to seek therapy that aligns with their beliefs. Ok, I'll give him that; he's right. But shouldn't they also have the right to know whether these types of therapies are successful or cause harm to clients? Full disclosure comes to mind as the operative word in this scenario. Either way, I'm excited to see where this goes and what Exodus has to say about it.


At 27/2/07 11:57 AM, Anonymous warren throckmorton said...

Brady - Where do you hear that the APA might appoint an ex-gay? News to me.

At 27/2/07 1:57 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Warren- I got it from Queerty, but your question made me realize that the rumor is unsubstantiated by them. I'll amend the post to reflect that. Thanks for the nudge on that...


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