Sunday, March 25, 2007

Attending a Gay Wedding

I just read a post over at Pam's House Blend that I found interesting. The post links to a story about a commenter over at FreeRepublic that is asking for advice as to whether or not he should attend the gay wedding of a cousin he is very close to.

Given that I just had a wedding of my own a few months back and that most of my extended family did not attend because of religious or social objections, this post hit home for me. Although some of the responses in the post were ignorant and mean-spirited, many of them were very well thought out and nice, even often conceding that even if they didn't agree with gay marriage, family should trump a political issue like this. Good for them.

So, if you're anti-gay or anti-gay marriage, what would you do if someone close to you invited you to a gay wedding?


At 26/3/07 10:46 AM, Anonymous Sparky said...

It's so weird reading those comments. I forget, by surrounding myself with such like-minded folks, that people are so quick to say they wouldn't go to a dear friend/cousin's wedding. Complacency is dangerous.

Also, how many people disapprove of the pairings in straight weddings but still attend? See my grandmother, for example -- she didn't like my dad's choice of my mom, wore black to the wedding, cried through it, but still attended. Neat, huh?

But make it between two gay kids in love, and we're quick to say no way, jose. Like being in attendance makes you complicit in some sin. Those responses confused me the most.

Also, those folks who said they wouldn't attend out of principle but would still send a gift? Weird rationale. If it came down to having someone begrudgingly attend who was against my union or being punished by that person's absence and still getting a gift, I'm gonna choose the gift option, hands down.

At 27/3/07 4:38 PM, Blogger Pomoprophet said...

Brady, thanks for stopping by. MLK Jr. was such an amazing man. We need heros toady, I think. And I'm glad you like that quote. Like I said, its one of my favs! I actually thought it was said by a Christian munk during WWII. But I was mistaken.

so i'm working on some thoughts in response to a post I read at XGW and i'd love to hear your thoughts when I have them posted. I'm hoping to create some healthy dialogue!

At 29/3/07 9:30 AM, Anonymous Trooperdog said...

I am a pastor and am not pro gay marriage. But if I was invited to a gay marriage ceremony, I would definitely go. You see, to be invited to such a ceremony would mean that I was friends with at least one of the people. For me, relationship and love is the priority. So while I may not agree philosophically with the ceremony, I would be committed to my friend(s). Therefore, I would attend...I would celebrate...and I would enjoy the day.

At 30/3/07 1:34 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Hi Pomo- I'll be sure to stop by!

Trooper- Thanks for commenting. I'm glad to hear you say that. I think that decision shows your friends the true friendship and compassion you have in your heart. Like I said, family/friends should come before political statements any day.


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