Friday, March 09, 2007

Racism at Work

I don't write about work much on here, but this one couldn't get left out:

I work for a company that takes thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of calls a day from the general public. Today someone called in and asked to speak to a person that was white and did not speak with any kind of foreign accent. The receptionist that took the call was black and understandably upset. She handled the caller very graciously but had to take a break after it was over. Remind me again what year this is. I can't believe this type of thinking is still acceptable anywhere, but apparently it is.

I've always said that when you deal with the general public in mass like I do (I don't answer the phones, but I've met thousands of people in interviews for work over the last several years), you come to realize how unintelligent people are. Pessimistic, I know, but it's true and pretty amazing, really.

I guess you get to see how bigoted people can be too.


At 10/3/07 10:17 AM, Blogger Victor's child said...

I'm saddened but not surprised. Racism is alive and well. Things have improved since I was growing up, but there's still a way to go. The place I work is owned by someone with a Korean accent. He's not unintelligent, as in having been a teacher and auto mechanic and currently a small business owner, yet there are times when he's had me call to get things done. I get through the hoops, I'm sure, because I don't have an accent and he, even though I've heard him describe the problem the same way, gets put on hold and dismissed as ignorant.

At 12/3/07 3:21 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Victor's child- prett amazing, isn't it?


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