Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just a Reminder that Gay Rights are Not Special Rights

For those of you that are still confused, here is a brief example that gay rights are not special rights:

The State Senate in Arkansas has moved a bill to the floor for a full vote. The bill would ban gay parents from fostering or adopting a child, even if the child is a family member or a godchild.

Basically, this would mean that if my family lived in Arkansas and my parents died, J and I would not be able to care for my 12 year old sister, even though one of my brothers still lives at home and doesn't have a job and the other one is about to go back to school full time and will also not be employed until he is done. Logically, J and I would be the best situated to care for my sister given that we own a home and both have good, stable jobs. Apparently those types of things don't matter in Arkansas, though. It's also interesting that no matter how good or moral we might be, as long as we are gay, we aren't eligible.

So, next time you here the good old claim that gays are asking for special rights, just remember it's not true.

Check out Pam's post on the issue too to see how studies are showing that kids raised by gay parents are just as well off as other children.

Just an FYI- if you listen closely to the anti-gay reasoning as to why gays shouldn't raise kids, you'll hear them say that studies show that kids are better off with a mother and a father. The problem with those studies is they are looking at kids being raised in a one-parent household and comparing them to kids being raised in a two-parent household. The studies have nothing to do with gay parents and were never meant to. Pretty tricky, huh?


At 14/3/07 8:18 PM, Blogger Jay said...

I'll definitely keep this in mind the next time I hear some ignorant commenter at Tonwhall start ranting. Thanks for the ammo, Brady. And here are my prayers that his horrid bill doesn't pass.

At 16/3/07 7:34 AM, Blogger Brady said...

That's what I'm hear for, Jay. Well, kind of ;-)

I'm with you on the prayers. I can't imagine SUCH a restrictive bill would pass, but who knows...

At 16/3/07 11:27 PM, Blogger Pomoprophet said...

well that law would just be stupid... lets keep kids in foster care or group homes so that they dont get around those evil homos...

good gosh!

This is where I part from my fairly normal adherance to party line. I would rather kids have a stable enviornment, than an unstable one, even if it is not the ideal.

I couldnt find those study results but I firmly believe (and have many reasons to do so) that the BEST for kids is a healthy home with a mother and a father. No study (biased though they may be) can convince me that two people of the same sex is just as effective and healthy for the kid.

Thanks for stopping by my site. I like visitors :)

At 17/3/07 9:11 AM, Anonymous lakelady said...

Please don't move to Arkansas!~ If anything happens to us l will need you and J!

At 17/3/07 10:55 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Pomo- I agree, the law seems an outright attempt to discriminate than a law to actually help children. I'd hope that anyone with an open heart should be able to see that.

As for your other point, there are lots of people that agree with you out there. I don't happen to, but at the very least, I'm glad to see you acknowledge that the "ideal" just doesn't happen enough for us to adhere to it 100%. Sometimes good is the best we can do (if great isn't available), and good is way better than bad.

Lakelady- don't worry, if we move anywhere it'll be to NOLA ;-)


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