Monday, April 16, 2007

The Billboard Battle

Recently several churches and gay organizations have started a billboard campaign in Indianapolis about gays and religion. The ads are made to stir debate and probably to be controversial, with taglines like "Jesus affirmed a gay couple" and "Jesus said some are born gay." The website,, gives explantions to what many would consider the outlandish claims of the ads. It's meant to grab attention and hopefully stir some understanding of the gay Christian perspective.

On the other side of the aisle, Focus on the Family and Exodus have complained recently that an advertising firm refused to sell them billboard space for their "Change is Possible. Discover How." ads promoting the Love Won Out Conference, never mind the fact that another firm did agree to run the billboards.

Two Christian organizations on two opposite sides of the culture war. I wonder if they realize how much they have in common.

And, given Exodus' and Focus' public displays against the advertising company that refused their ads, I also wonder how they feel about the new gay ads getting space (or how they'd feel if the same ads got denied space like theirs did). Somehow I don't think the two groups would be holding joint press conferences.


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