Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting

If you haven't heard about this yet, you should turn on the tv or go to a news website. There's been a shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech where at least 32 people have been killed (according to the radio at lunch, the Web is still saying 21 or 22).

I can't imagine how horrified the students on the campus are right now. The Yahoo article mentions students doing phone interviews and writing emails while huddled in lock down in classrooms. It's amazing how quickly our daily lives can turn so upside down and shock us out of our routines.

This is the type of thing that can scar people for lives. A friend of mine's mother was present at the 1966 UT shooting and saw her best friend get killed next to her. It's hard to even think about how devastating that must be. Apparently the death toll for this shooting is already making it the worst campus shooting in US history.

Please keep everyone at Virginia Tech in your prayers. Hopefully soon we'll at least have some answers as to what set the gunman off.


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