Monday, June 05, 2006

Protect Your Marriage

Yesterday was "Marriage Protection Sunday" for quite a few right-wing religious groups out there. As far as I know, none of the festivities included people protecting their own marriages, though--they were just protecting gays from having to get married.

Also, President Bush is speaking today about protecting marriage, ahead of a Senate vote on a Constitutional Amendment tomorrow. Luckily, the Amendment doesn't look like it's going to pass, and even some Conservatives I've been listening too have been calling this out for what it is. All of the sudden they realize that they're trying to deal with illegal immigration, but the Republicans are dealing with more important issues--gays and flags.

On a side note, if I hear one more person blame the fall of Rome on homosexuality I might just go crazy. Homosexuality was part of Roman society from the beginning (from what I can tell), and the civilization lasted for quite a few years. If we blame homosexuality for the fall of Rome, can we blame heterosexuality for the fall of every other civilization in history?


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