Thursday, May 18, 2006

Federal Marriage Amendment in Committee

The Federal Marriage Amendment is scheduled to go to committee in the Senate for discussion today. It'll likely pass this stage and fail when it comes up for a full vote in June, especially considering the whole "gay hysteria" thing seems to be subsididing a bit currently. Then again, it may be subsiding because there aren't any elections on the immediate horizon, and this meeting is intended to start the craziness up all over again.

I read recently that in Mary Cheney's book she said that the Republicans will find themselves on the wrong side of history with this gay debate. Not because this is a Republican vs. Democrat or conservative vs. liberal issue, but because it is such a generational issue (probably more than any other political issue out there). She's right, I have a cousin that is 9 years younger than me, and you can even see the difference in her high school experience and mine. The issue will never go away, but at some point things will get better. Really, they already are.


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