Friday, May 19, 2006

Update on the Dad Issue

So, I mentioned a few days ago about my dad FREAKING OUT about my big fat gay wedding with my boyfriend and the ripping my mom gave him as a result.

First, let me say that I have learned my lesson about that. Mom is not to talk to dad about this anymore because she gets just a tad too emotional (I sure am lucky she's on my side), so I'll try to let the siblings chime in where necessary from here on out.

Second, I had lunch with my dad yesterday. It went well. He's still not 100% accepting of everything, but he let me know where he was coming from, asked me to work with him and be understanding and we both agreed we'd try to be open and not freak out about stuff. I told him I'd give him the time and commented that if it took me years to come out to myself and finally other people, it is unfair of me not to try to give him some time too (then again, he is going on 2 years knowing now too, so he is starting to stretch his time on this).

Ok, that's it for now. Back on to some political stuff soon.


At 19/5/06 1:37 PM, Anonymous Steve Boese said...

It sounds really positive to have the door open between the two of you, some shared assumptions about how you can talk to each other.

If the two of you have made some progress over the 2 years, that's the important part, because progress can continue to be made.

I'm happy for you!

At 19/5/06 1:55 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Thanks, Steve. It was very positive. I'm not sure if he'll ever get as far as I'd ideally like, but the fact that he is showing progress and showing he still loves/supports me means a lot, and I know it's much more than a lot of other people have.

At 19/5/06 4:53 PM, Blogger grace said...

This really is good news. I'm just thrilled that you could sit down and eat lunch together...ya know? The bottom line is the love and support....agreement can become a side issue if you have the love.

At 22/5/06 7:10 AM, Blogger EL said...

I just wanted to say that I think you're giving the blogosphere a real gift by sharing the family issues swirling around your "Big Fat Gay Wedding". It's something few of us have the strength to do and I think it's important work. Just as important as your political posts.

At 22/5/06 7:45 AM, Blogger Brady said...

Grace, you're right. The lunch was a good step to us understanding each other, for sure.

El- I appreciate that! Don't worry, I've already made it a point to keep blogging about this issue. It really allows me to blow off some steam and get my head straight, and the comments from all of you guys help me think things through too.


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