Friday, April 21, 2006

St. Maarten- Paradise Lost

I've been to St. Maarten once, and only for the day while on a cruise. It was beautiful and I loved it. But recently two American reporters were gay bashed on the island. Yeah, it happens everywhere, and an isolated incident is surely not going to make me stop wanting to visit somewhere.

But then a local paper in St. Maarten responded to the incident and helped me make a decision. Their editorial blamed the two victims, used defamatory names against gays, and reminisced about days past where gay bashing was quite acceptable. I can't believe civilized people still act like this.


At 21/4/06 2:27 PM, Anonymous Chronic Closure said...

Me either, Brady; me either.I didn'y know people thought that way anymore. It's depressing.

At 23/4/06 9:40 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Yeah, it is chronic


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