Friday, April 28, 2006

Box Turtle Bulletin Hits it Big

Jim Burroway's website, Box Turtle Bulletin, is one of my favorite sources for gay and anti-gay research. The site is listed on my links area, and Jim is an occasional commenter here. He takes my curiosity about anti-gay research one hundred steps further with his incredibly detailed and researched articles.

So, I was delighted to see that Jim's site (his new article about Paul Cameron in particular) was the focus of a new post over at Pam's House Blend. The Blend is one of the most popular GLBT blogs in the blogosphere, so this is a big deal. I'm glad more people will get to see Jim's writings as a result of the post.

I had been meaning to comment on this particular Paul Cameron article written by Jim anyway, so I'll take this time to congratulate Jim and tell everyone to go read the article. It will take some time to read, but it's an amazing piece of work that completely destroys every assertion made in Cameron's newest anti-gay propaganda.

It's pretty unbelievable how easily dissected this research really is. Especially since Jim admits up front that he is not a sociologist or any kind of social scientist.

My favorite part is that the "research" is really just a summary of books Cameron found on Sounds a bit like the infamous gay obituary study. How anyone can call this science is beyond me. The Journal of Biological Science, who published the Cameron study, should really be ashamed.

All that aside, congrats again, Jim!


At 28/4/06 3:12 PM, Anonymous kevin said...

Cameron also publishes quite a bit in a "journal" called Psychological Reports. Most of his research is done by reading the newspaper--it is hard to believe that anything like that can be published. Then again, anyone can set up a journal...

At 29/4/06 11:42 AM, Blogger Jim Burroway said...

Thank you!

It's pretty amazing what people like Cameron can get by with among so-called "professionals."

At 30/4/06 4:39 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Kevin, I know. Completely amazing.

You're very welcome, Jim. You deserve it.


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