Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Blog

Ok, so this blog isn't exactly new--I've been following it for several months now, but I haven't said anything here about it so far, so I guess it might be new for some of you guys. The blog is called "A Westward Journey" and it's by a gay Christian struggling through his sexuality, his faith, and life in general.

The blog is very raw and emotional, and reading through it hits pretty close to home. It's very reminiscent of the feelings and emotions I was going through right before I decided to start coming out. It's painful at times--ok, it's painful a lot of the time--but every now and then there's a post where you can clearly see the hope the author has.

If you're not gay and you want to see what it's like for some people to deal with same sex attraction, this is a good blog to read. For most gay people, there's at least some point in their lives where the internal struggle gets this deep. Luckily it's a stop on the road of life for most of us, and not the final place. Hopefully this blog's author will be able to reconcile his struggles and see all the joy that life has to offer.


At 4/5/07 9:57 AM, Blogger Journeyman said...

Wow. I hadn't even seen this until today. Thanks for the link, and your kind words. I'm using you as hope that it gets better at some point.

At 6/5/07 12:38 PM, Blogger Brady said...

Happy to link. Hang in there bud, and keep your chin up ;-)


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